EDEXTI bike routes

like events directed to bike routes, here we go!

events, routes and trips focused on cycling and trekking days to enjoy the environment 100% during your next adventure.

When we created Edexti in 2019 we did it thinking from all those trips we made long the last 10 years and the good thing always was to share it with the bike on a totally Fun style.

In that way we begin to recreate our own events of global mountain bike routes keeping in mind the best experiences wich now are reflecting of our passion by the mountain bike.

And even more, when thinking about the chance to share these experiences, now events, with all of you generating the same satisfaction.

So be sure that each event is generated with 100% motivation and with the logical flexibility to enjoy a 100% fun even if you come on MTB or E-MTB, so looking to give you the best memory for a lifetime.



Clearly in Edexti we’re aware of the climate-energy impact, worrying about we aligne the actions with local operators and thus generating a scaled growth with them, also supporting the protection of their environmental to guarantee a better and possible future.