Patagonia Chilena pedaleando

Riding at Chilean Patagonia

If you love journeys by contact with nature, then adventure to explore the Chilean Patagonia pedaling.

Its varied geography, its varied richness of landscapes, routes and heights, making it as an ideal challenge and therefore we’re seriously recommending it to all cyclists with the open desire of discovering.

Grap your mountain bike, even physical or Ebike, opening ways through the steep hills that surround the Andes in the central area of ​​the country, and where the valleys and their natural obstacles awaken us adrenaline without stopping.

When we go to the south of the country the rhythm of pedaling becomes more intense, that is where the Carretera Austral becomes a hidden treasure for bicycle lovers.

Like us now, you will enjoy the landscapes in multiple and intense colors and a huge vegetation that shows us that reserve so reserved for climate change and that at the same time is difficult to describe. You must live it, feel it!

Starting, during or ending the day always with that awesome proximity that Chilean locals, gauchos offer … and with whom we love to share their good culinary techniques with unique preparations, giving their own identity and new life to food, such as cake of choclo, the empanadas of pino or the curanto of Chiloé.

Join our events Edexti Patagonia! and you will see how the ways of the end of the world are designed for bicycle adventures.


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