How is the trip-route that I will attend?

They are guided trips in this way the group is accompanied by a guide as well as a support vehicle en route.
The guide will be in communication with the group providing information about the most interesting places on the route or any detail so that you have a great time at all times.

Does the luggage travel with me during the route?

Of course the luggage travels in the vehicle that follows the group, so you just have to enjoy the day and the bike. And the cost is included in the total price of the trip. Take only that appropriate technical garment, or camera, or sunscreen with you ...

Do I take my bike or rent one?

You must bring your own, since at the moment we do not offer the rental service. Yes, please prepare it ideally for the transfer until you start your route. If you travel by plane and you have doubts about how to proceed, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you as soon as possible.

What level do I have to do this route?

Normally the planned routes are 7/10 degree of difficulty, both physical and endurance, due to the number of hours or due to climatic changes in a single day. It is for this reason that we recommend a medium-high level of cycling and sports activity. A point in favor is the follow-up vehicle, offering the possibility of getting into it when necessary. The premise for us is always to enjoy. Do you have any doubts about it? Do not hesitate, contact us and we will help you clarify them, it is very important that when you decide it is only to enjoy your trip.

With the global price, can I get the flight to the origin of the route?

Your global price of the trip does not include the international flight. Therefore, you must purchase your flight / -s to the airport of origin of the trip-route, where we will pick you up at a certain time together with the rest of the group and we will also return you with the group at the end of the route. If you are interested in managing the international flight with us, contact us to try to offer you the best solution.

Am I insured on the trip?

With the price of your selected trip-route you have the minimum coverage guaranteed with the Travel Insurance company that covers among other things… Subject to confirmation from the company. (contingencies such as loss of luggage, medical and hospitalization expenses in case of illness or accident, civil liability, etc. In the "Useful info" section of the file for any route you can access the details of the coverage. If you want to expand the coverage , get in touch with us and we will inform you of our extended travel insurance).

How will I know if a group is open, flowing or booked?

We always have to accept that these trips-routes are something special in terms of their exclusivity, which makes them go through three levels: Open: we welcome your registration to the group subject to the minimum number to be carried out as a definitively confirmed trip, since it is not it has still reached the minimum group to be able to perform. Flowing: there is already the minimum number of participants and therefore the dates and the price go forward as confirmed on the official Edexti website. Booked: we are sorry but in that case the group has reached its maximum places. Leave us your information for the Stanby and up to 21 days before you can opt for a possible cancellation, or reserve directly for the next session on the same route.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us