Hot springs of Chilean Patagonia

Today relaxed in one of the hot springs inside northern Patagonia, I wonder if you wonder when to visit that beautiful place.

As a short answer I would say you between October and March, when the spring-summer of the southern hemisphere, which is attracting so many tourists who do not make me stop feeling that feeling of loneliness and immense tranquility.

As a full answer could say that I’m receiving great climatic changes by the days, so as defined by a good friend gaucho this morning … over here you’ll be feeling like the 4 seasons in one day.

Of course, the strong winds of these areas, and especially increasing during this time; but I can too, that I had a beautiful summer day on a pleasant 22ºC, which are opening all the roads and trails fully accessible, and at time to enjoy the ecolodge (natural pools, swinning in the fjord).

But please listen me when honestly when stating that the only predictable thing about the Patagonia climate is that it is unpredictable.
It doesn’t matter when you plan coming to enjoy with us, but make sure you bring those technicals sportswear on a good windproof waterproof, so then be sure the rest is a great pleasant experience.

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